Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Goals, Simplifying, Snipping, Sewing and Selling

It's Spring! (Finally.) It was a long Winter with plenty of time to think and plan. We have new goals. Weekly goals to keep us on track. Goals are good. They are a great motivator when you 'just don't feel like it'. They also provide some accountability...if you tell someone else about your goals, that is. “Gie” got us moving in the right direction. “Ok, ladies, we need some goals!” She did some figuring. (After all she is our numbers-girl.) So far so good. We've been sticking to our numbers...mostly. We're almost on track with our overall goal. But, without goals, where would we be? Not as far along as we are now.

We've decided to streamline and simplify. Not only our individual products, but our list of products as well. Beginning last summer we started selling our Market Bags. Remember our Doppio Petite. Say, what? Right. Our names are simpler now. Our products are streamlined. We took the wonderful basic design of the Petite and stayed simple. As a result we were able to price it so it's affordable for the average girl. (Ok, no one is average in our estimation! We are all amazingly and uniquely created.) Anyway, win-win, right? In addition to our Market bag, we've just recently started making the City bag. Still made from coffee bean burlap and repurposed fabrics, but in a simple crossbody design.

We're also very excited to soon be releasing our new green home d├ęcor products! You'll be able to add some burlap flair to your home with diengie re-pillows (pillow covers) and table runners, in addition to our current coaster sets. Cottage, traditional, country french, tuscan, modern? Our burlap fabrics make a great accent to just about any type of decorating style. Our re-pillows and table runners will debut at the July 21 Bellissimo Art Show at Gervasi Vineyard. Make sure you are one of the first to see our new products! Mark your calendars now for Bellissimo at Gervasi on Sunday, July 21. After the art show we will list our new products in our Etsy shop.

Wholesale is the name of the game this year. We've been blessed with wholesale orders coming in lately—enough to keep the three of us busy. (We're hoping for more orders to keep more than just us busy!) God continues to surprise us with orders.  Really.  The orders we've gotten so far are not even avenues we have pursued--or considered pursuing!   He is teaching us to continue to rely on Him for direction and success in our business. And, most of the orders we have gotten have come as a result of someone passing our name along...knowing someone with a shop that would be great for our products. We are so blessed with friends who love Diengie just as much as we do. We love our friends. Without your support, prayers, marketing and business we wouldn't be where we are today. Thank you.

Stay tuned for more updates and insider info!  Visit our website at diengie.com

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I wish you luck for your business my friend. Hope it goes all well.

Keep us updated!
Best wishes.
Finn Felton
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