Monday, September 15, 2008

Change is in the air...

hhhhWell, the hot and sunny summer days have given way to cooler temperatures... at least for today. Fall is in the air! I can't say I am a very big fan of the changes that autumn brings...cooler days and chilly nights (I'm always cold so I like the weather hot!), the kids back in school (I love to have the kids at home thank you very much!), and everything that was green turning to brown (I love the green of summer).
hhhhChange is in the air. It could be that to me Fall means change. Maybe change is what I am always opposed to (not so much the season)... at least at first anyway. For change to come, things usually have to get shaken a bit! Just like the leaves falling off of the trees and being scattered everywhere...All of our neat little piles and lists, and the way we do things have to be shaken up or re-thought. And at times it feels like we just have to throw it all away and start over again. But really, for change to come we have to take what is good from the past and use it as a foundation to build on in the future.
hhhhDiengie is experiencing some growing pains in this season. Already outgrowing our new studio space and questions about how to produce more product at a faster rate are main concerns right now. Not sure how to make the dreams inside of us reality, we just keep plugging along- one bag at a time. Slow but sure. Steady wins the race!
hhhhYou see, its not really just about making bags. Oh, yes, we love making bags. And that is the work that God has given us to do... but it is just the tip of the iceberg... the small beginning. There is so much more. More vision. A bigger picture.
hhhhThere is usually lots more iceberg under water than iceberg that is visible above the water. Diengie is a lot like that. You may see only that we make bags. And that is true. But there is so much more. More to come. More in our hearts. More to the picture.
hhhhWe have a dream. A really scary big dream! At least for us it is. Please stay tuned in the weeks and months to come. We will begin to reveal parts of the iceberg that lie 'under the water'! Unveiling our dream is a little risky... a little unsettling. If the dream stays hidden, it is seemingly protected. If no one knows the dream... no one can say, "It can't be done!". But uncovering the dream means taking a risk. So bear with us as we prepare to let you in to 'see' the bigger picture- why we do what we do- what motivates us.
hhhhIn the meantime remember with me that change is GOOD! And change has to be embraced for your dreams to be realized!