Friday, June 13, 2008

Moving news!

This is a busy time for the three of us who make up Diengie. We are in the middle of moving! One of us just recently moved...another will move at the end of this month. The third will be moving in the next couple of months. That means our studio will be moving too. Oh my, its a little overwhelming just thinking about that! It takes a lot of fabric and coffee bean bags to make all those doppios! But we will have a larger space once we do get moved, so it will be worth all the effort it will take to tear down and set up again. We are thinking of ways to get more organized so that our process is more efficient and we can create more great bags. Moving to a new place and space is like getting a fresh start... and we are ready! Ch...Ch...Ch...Changes!
Wonder what interesting new changes are in store for Diengie? Stay tuned to find out.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Products

We have been busy designing some new products here in the studio. Just a few days ago two new items were released and listed in our Etsy shop... the Peaberry Pouch and the Latte Loop. They're just a couple of fun accessories to use with your Doppio Petite or Doppio Grande. We use the scraps left over from making the Doppios to create these newest additions. See if you can find one, or both, made from the same fabric as your Doppio bag. Our soon to be released 'new and improved Doppios will include a fabric loop for hanging your Latte Loop in your bag, and a pocket just the right size for the Peaberry Pouch!

Designing new products is one of my favorite things to do. Its exhilarating to picture a bag, or a pouch, or a key loop in my mind and then watch as it comes to life during the design and prototyping process. I just have this insatiable need to create! Designing one thing and having it turn out well only makes me want to create more... and I am off again! This does make it a bit trying to keep the shop stocked with our popular items- since designing new ones is much more fun! I know... I know... balance is the key here. I have to be content with the sameness of making bags over and over - but I live for the days when I take a "creating" break. It does help that just about every bag we make is created from different fabric combinations. I don't know how I would push myself to make twenty... or one hundred of the exact same bag! Guess I'm not cut out for the assembly line... rather make OOAKs (one of a kinds)any day!

Watch for more new designs... two of us have been creating lately! Next month we will be releasing two new purses to add to our 'Green Bean' Collection.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

ups and downs

Growing a business is not easy, but growing a business grows our hearts. On this journey we are becoming intertwined with diengie. It is so much a part of who we are and we are so much a part of what diengie is. Each and every up and down of business brings about strong emotions from each of us--and that can happen on a daily basis. It is so exciting, exhilarating even, when we get noticed. Recently a writer for a magazine-to-be-named-later emailed us about possibly including our bags in a Coffee Lover's issue. Whoa! We were overwhelmed at the prospects! Think of how many people will look at the magazine! What will we do if we get a great response from those people? So many questions and emotions swirled around in our brains. Then, there are times when we are discouraged by a lack of sales. Yet, through these ups and downs our hearts are growing and learning. This whole process is so much a part of who we are as individuals--Heidi, Karen and Angie. God is faithful to use the ordinary and seemingly mundane of business dealings to make and mold us into DI-EN-GIE. We are so hopeful for the future of diengie. And just like climbing a mountain, you face peaks and valleys before reaching the top, so we will as we continue to grow diengie.