Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The momentum is building...slowly. We are working to get geared up and get back in the game. We took a break for a move and a wedding--both events very much worth the time spent! Angie is happily married--celebrating with a memorable and unique ceremony and reception. And, now all three Diengie girls are (finally) in the same city. It has been 5 long years of long distances separating our families and challenging business operations. Throughout those years we were successful in sales and were very excited to gain so many customers who love our bags. Now that we are in the same city we are ready to pick up where we left off and continue on. The possibilities for Diengie grew with that move. We are working on a complete line of products which will become our traveling set which will make doing home shows this year a bit simpler. Our next goal is to start stocking up on merchandise. Our shop has been very quiet over the past few months. That should start changing soon. After that we plan to produce as many of our accessories as possible with the hope of selling to wholesale customers. So, with all these plans we are quickly realizing we will need more hands to get the work done. It is exciting and scary to think about hiring people to do piece work for Diengie. Wow! It really makes it feel like we are making headway. In addition to all of this we are also having our website overhauled by friend Jamie Stahler. He brings web, print and marketing experience to the table. All of which will greatly increase Diengie's potential. Soon our new website will be up and running. The modern design will help us pull more customers and we will also be able to sell directly from our site. We will let you know when it's time to check out the final product. Until then, please continue to pray for us. We are doing more than just building a business. Our dream is to grow a business that will support a ministry. Your prayers and support are very important to us at Diengie. Until next time...

heiDI, karEN and anGIE