Friday, May 9, 2008

Let's Make Bags

That was our only thought when we started this
business- "Let's make bags!" Wow,we thought that was
all there was to it!
Now we are over our heads in details, details,
details... and we're realizing that there is a lot
more to a "bag business" than making bags! It seems
like there are decisions to make every day...little
details that need to be attended to. Getting a small
business up and running is very time consuming and
energy intensive! Its not unlike having a baby and
taking care of all the little details of their life
while they are growing and changing. There is always
something new,always something urgent,
always something routine and always something
fun thrown in there to keep you pushing on
through all the other somethings!
And like being a parent, the creative business
owner/partner thrives on all the attention their
little ones attract. It is nice to know that other
people think your creations/babies are adorable, and
well... just about the most wonderful "baby" they have
ever seen! And its even nicer when they tell you so!
It has been so exciting to find diengie on other blogs,
to get such a positive feedback on etsy, and even to
receive wholesale inquiries. We are just creating bags
that we love, and finding that others love them too is
a great encouragement... makes us want to create more
and more! I guess to have others really "get" what we
are doing and love it too makes the long hours and
hundreds of decisions less taxing. Of course we would
do what we do even if we never heard a word about
other people loving our bags... but the positive
responses help us more than we can express.
So, even knowing all the other things that need to
be done, and all of the details that will need to be
addressed... Let's make bags!!

1 comment:

thecrushedrose said...

I am soooooo proud of you three!!!
GIRL POWER!!! and lest we forget---and even moreso---GOD POWER!!!!!
you go girls!!! just GO for it!
whatever you put your hand to, do with all of your might!--that's biblical honeys!
love yous!